Thursday, November 15, 2007

Standing In His Presence

...or sitting, laying, even sleeping in His presence.

We do it all before the eyes of God. Our most inner hearts that holds our dearest and deepest thoughts does not escape His watchful eyes and ears.

This is supposed to be a comfort, and for the most part it is. There are times where it is fearful. But then again His Grace and Mercy shines through in those dark places we 'try' to hide.

Please forgive me for not knowing exactly where it is in the Bible, but i recall reading how He even has His ears so intune to me/us that He can hear our breathing.

I don't think i have known anyone who is so attentative to me. He actually makes a fuss over me. He LOVES me. Who in thier right mind would ever want to distance themselves from such love and attention. It is what we long for (if we are honest)

I don't know about you but i have at times just went about my life and didn't pay much attention to Him. But there He was always keeping watch and i believe even protecting me when i didin't know i needed protecting. I come running back to His feet and He listens and smiles and tells me He loves me. I promise Him that i will not be distant again. Of course i break that promise. I am not proud of being distant with God, i am actually ashamed.

I just shake my head and wonder how stupid can i be. I am the apple of His eye, He has a picture of me hanging and He looks at it proudly and there i go doing the prodigal daugther thing... I hang out in the mud.

So, it was obvious, it is true, i am not of the right mind. Infact i am may be even crazy.

Yet, He just stands and watches for me come running back, never telling me how bad i have been, but 'I am so glad you are here with Me, lets have a feast!'

Perhaps one day i will get my head on straight. Till then, i am so glad i have a Father who keeps watch and never turns His back. Each time i see the depth of His Grace and Mercy, they are endless. Just as east will not meet west i cannot fall out Gods Hands.

I think i am going to sleep well tonight. Hope you will too.