Saturday, December 23, 2006

Joy To The World The Lord Is Come

Today i worked at a hospital per diem. I work transport, which means i bring patients to various tests within the imaging department.

I woke up this morning wondering WHY i ever volunteered to work two days before Christmas with the preparation i must do for the day. Also, it was a week that started out at its worst and worked itself up to being bad. I came to the decision that i am to tired for Christmas. I get to the hospital and there was only 1 patient scheduled for at test. So, now on top of everything i hang around for four hours and become bored when i am thinking all i could be doing, and, i am tired.
So, i and a junior volunteer who is a freshman in high school went to get the patient once there i entered the room and said:
Hi Mr. M. My name is Martha from transport and we are to bring you to xray.
the patient says that is fine but there is just a couple things he wants to do before he goes. They were personal needs in which a nurse was needed so i told him i would get the nurse.
He says:
Ok Martha and good morning to you.(he was not being rude, he was very pleasant, he wanted to just say good morning) I said good morning Mr. M

So, all the nursing needs are taken care of and he comes onto the stretcher and we are off to Xray. Mr. M sees Z (the volunteer) and asks Z if he is a volunteer, Z says that he is and Mr. M commends him on giving of his service.
When we got to xray he was going to have to wait a few minutes. After five minutes i apporached him and asked if he was doing ok and that i apologize for the long wait and how i picked the wrong time to come get him.

Mr. M tells me not a big deal and whatelse was he going to do in his room that he isn't doing now, which is lying down. I said he could be watching TV. He said that he doesn't watch TV before 7pm and he did try to watch daytime TV since he was here and found it to be to silly and embarrasing and can't understand how people would want to get paid to act in such a way. He said with all the needs out in the world he doesn't understand such self embarrassment.That is when we spoke about the hungry children in africa as well as the Invisible Children.

He said that sometimes he wonders if the designer made a mistake or not. I said i don't know if it is God or that man goes out of his way to hurt others and that we are given lots of freedom and some people choose bad. He said how he wonders how there can be any hope and i said that Jesus is a great hope in which there is a hope for a future of peace. Mr. M said 'what kind of pride would God have if he didn't'

Then, he decided to bring in a more light hearted subject and gave me a little riddle, i couldn't figure it out and when he told me he still had to explain it. I guess i am not that smart afterall.

i will give you the riddle:
what begins with and 'e' has a letter in the middle and ends with an 'e'

i am not going to tell you, you try to figure it out.

Mr. M then discussed how he was going to have about 30 members to see at thier Christmas gathering and now he is in the hospital. He spoke of his son. I asked him how old his son was and he had to think for a minute (he is 84) and said 44. Mr. M then said that his son was in the air force for 23 years and the proudest moment in his life was when the miltary put on his sons retirement party. After that he went into xray and i waited for him.

After his xray Z and i brought him back to his room. Mr. M told Z that he was quiet a valiant young man to volunteer his time. Z thanked him.

So, we bring Mr. M back to his room and help him get all comfy in his bed and i told him that he should have those 30 members come up to his room at Christmas. He said that it would be nice but he feels weak and that it may be too much right now. Then he waves his hand good bye and says "Merry Christmas Marth'a I said 'Merry Christmas'.

I don't know if i was able to get across my poiont...
Did you notice anything? He not once spoke about his aches and pains. He recieved blood before we brought him to xray and he has a hacking cough and not once did he complain. They whole time talking to him he was meek and joyful. Not a hilarious joyful but something deep with him and it was his anchor. I also think his life may have been one of great disappointments because he handled his being in the hospital at this time and missing his family gathering very well, he had no bitterness.

So, i believe Mr. M has the anchor of Jesus' joy and nothing can stir him from that joy.

ME? for some reason i am not that tired anymore.

Let Every Heart Prepare Him Room!