Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The Nativity Story, it does the soul good!

We saw The Nativity Story last weekend...

It was the first time that i ever saw a movie with God in it! I am serious, God was there.
Of course not visibly, but throughout the movie itself...I believe it had Gods blessing on it.

It was no epic movie...in thinking about it, may have not been the best of acting. But, God seems to have it so that we see beyond that to the reality of what the story was depicting.

Its depiction of Mary and her uneasiness and truthfull hurtfulness to be engaged to someone she didn't love is reality.
Josephs dream was just as real.
May and Joseph discussing how they would raise such a child was real
The reaction of the people of Marys hometown in discovering she was pregnant was real.

OF COURSE, it is just a story and the lines spoken are not verbatim cause we haven't a clue. It is just a story.


the difference is, it is a story about the Truth...God became flesh and dwelt among us....emptying himself and entering the world as a little baby and at that in a poop smelling barn.

One of my favorite lines is when Mary is visiting Elizabeth and she says
"why did God pick me? I am just a nobody"

Incredible,,, the creator of the universe letting a couple of nobodies take care of THE eternal Royal King of kings!

One thing we can be sure of is that God is not dull!

Hey! It is a good movie go see it. One of the few (if any) that gives reverence and respect to God. The magi are humorous folk too!