Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Christ as "Mountain"

View off the deck of The Citadel.

In the Bay Area we live in the shadow of two huge mountians. Mt Diablo (Spanish for "Devil") and Mt. Tamalpias (Native American for "Sleeping Maiden").

I feel fortunate to be in the literal shadow of Mt. Tam which is regarded by most people as a very spiritual place and a sort of refuge.

As you drive up Mt. Tam your whole worldview begins to change. You go from city and commerce into thick redwood forests and they wind up higher and higher. You pass by lakes filled with fish, deer herds and the salamanders crawl slowly in the dark loam while blue bellied lizards skit across the rocks. The smell is eucalyptus and rich green ferns.

It is in the shadow of this great mountain that we in Marin live and it is hard not to take notice. In the winter the snow often crests the top of Mt. Tam and children get to go up with their parents and throw snowballs.

We are overshadowed by the Sleeping Maiden.


Daniel 2:34-35; Isaiah 2:2; Pslams 68:16


In Hebrew the word "mountain" can mean "he who is full" or just "fulness" depending on context. But you get the idea.

The mountain of the Lord is fulness and we are like husks and grass in the lower plains that lead to the mountain by comparison. We should not despair in the least in this because He Who is the Mountain of the Lord (Christ) was incarnate and became grass like us. he did not sit on the mountain top and demand we come up...he dove down and became us.

The Mountian of the Lord Who overshadows all in glory has come to meet us in the valley he overshadows.

He is Holy. The mountains smoke with his brillant light and he has defeated the pretended "fulness" of Diablo.


The "Sleeping Maiden" the Miwok named Mt. Tam after is, in my mind (not their's) the Church.
I was at the Seminary today and it feels asleep. It is a bride loved but unconscious. It is a "sleeping beauty". It's a castle with no husband to love.

I am grateful, do not get me wrong. I can walk in and study unhindered and if they do hinder me I can do a "Paul" move on them because I am technically an alumi.

Still I do not wish to. I could just order the books. I like the discipline of having to go there and sit in the stacks and do simple work.

I'm a "sleeping maiden" myself as part of the bride of Christ.

I'm just trying to wake up.

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